Outlet! Dogwalk- and groomingservice Amsterdam, Amstelveen & surroundings


Dear dog owner,

The coronavirus has disrupted all of our lives. However, we will continue to walk your dog as we are a very low risk group. Our dog walkers usually only have contacts with the dogs and in some cases with you if you are at home Because of the latest news, we have tightened our protocol:

We will call when have arrived at your house when we pick up the dog. If possible please place the dog in the hallway or corridor so we not have to enter your house and minimize contact eve if it is more than 1.5 meters. We will also follow the same procedure when returning your dog.

If you don`t have a hallway ? Please ensure that when we come in for pick-up and return, you are not in the same room.

If you are not to be reached, we assume that you are not at home at the time of pick-up and / or return, or that as soon as you hear us enter you will go to another room to minimize contact.

This is an addendum on earlier communicated protocols :
  • No physical contact, such as not shaking hands
  • Maintain a physical distance of 1.5 meters from our guide in accordance with RIVM guidelines
  • Maintain hygiene protocol where possible to wash your hands as much as possible, even if there is no physical contact, this also applies to our employees.
We will continue all our walks with undiminished pleasure!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call!

Dog walking service

Since 1993 is dogwalkservice Outlet taking care of walking dogs, so dogowners can take care of other business. We’re true professionals, working with a dedicated team of employers. In our climate controlled vans we take your dog either to the Amsterdam forest or a nearby beach.

Because of the size of our company we can guarantee we’ll always show up, no mather what! Once in the forest or beach we’ll make sure that your dog gets all the time and space that he or she deserves. A pack of dogs usually consists of 5 to 8 dogs, and we always make sure that any pack forms a relaxed combination.

On weekdays you can choose between a morning- or afternoonwalk; the choice is yours.

If you’re interested in any of our services, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Team Outlet is looking forward to hear from you!

“We’ve lived in many countries and have found some wonderful caretakers for our sweet border terriers. However, we have yet to find a service that is as special as Outlet is. Eefa and her team provided unparalleled daily love and care for our dogs for over 3 years. They either enjoyed a hike in the forest, a spa treatment or a chase of a ball or toy with one of the Outlet crew. They are Amsterdam’s finest and our pups (and us) miss them very much!”


Chuck, Willem, Wally and Raisen


Besides dogwalking Outlet’s core business covers grooming as well. Trimming a dog is cut, effileren, picking, stripping, shearing, thinning and / or `getting rid of old` coat. For almost every dog, it is important to go for good maintenance of the coat. Regularly trim; The old coat is removed so that the new can grow without hindrance.