Trimming a dog is cut, effileren, picking, stripping, shearing, thinning and / or `getting rid of old` coat. For almost every dog, it is important to go for good maintenance of the coat. Regularly trim; The old coat is removed so that the new can grow without hindrance.

Cut and layer

When cut and layer the dog twice first washed and treated with a fragrant cream rinse. The coat is then blow dry with the water jacket and possibly straightened with the hair dryer. Finally, the dog checked again on tangles with the brush and comb. Now the coat ready for work with the scissors or clipper vac. The desired model is discussed in the placing of the dog.

Picking and stripping

When picking and stripping the top layer hair like that are ripe are picked by hand . When picking a coat you’re like a layer on and off the strip her coat two layers so the coat looks neat.


When shaving with a clipper hair cut short. Sometimes very short, for example, because the coat is matted to detangle and sometimes the customer wants a practical length for him for the fur of his dog.


When getting rid of old coat ‘the dog loose and mature hairs are removed from the coat with the brush and a bath after the coat is drying. Sometimes, in some places even the coat thinned . Ontwollen means getting rid of the old coat ;  It saves a lot of loose hairs on your floor and furniture at home. By using super soft shampoo for the hair and skin, this can be as often as you like. Think also of the coats like the Labrador or a Jack Russell.