Puppies / older dogs / dogs with injury


We offer several options for your puppy. As puppies stick to a schedule which need to connect to the time to go out and to eat lunch we would create a customized plan with you. Call us to ask about the different options we offer for your puppy (Separate outlets ranging from 1 to 2 times per day, an outing with some other friends who want to get out but cannot walk far, as well as our day care facilities).

Older dogs or dogs with a ( temporary ) defect (injury / having their period ) and puppies

We can walk your dog separately at times that for some reason your dog is not able to go on one of our regular walks. For older dogs who still want to go to the forest we also have groups where your older dog can come along with other friends who are not allowed to walk too much, but there are just as nice to have since the forest is a great place to be . Walks are also an hour .We then quietly walk to a field in the forest where we ‘ hang and sniff around. Then we walk quietly back. We take it very very easy and not really do anything, but nevertheless their break was equally great.

Dogs who are having their period or are just sterilised or castrated can be walked in your neighborhood by us. Separately Times can be determined together with you.